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We've Launched 3 More Playgrounds in Kisumu County!

Play is one of the most important building blocks for child development and with your help, we are happy to have launched three more playgrounds in Kisumu county at Victory children's home, Mama Ngina children's home and Kisumu women's prison.

Kisumu Women's Prison

The NECF developed the Playground in Prisons project with a goal of installing playgrounds in all women’s prisons throughout Kenya. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. Not to mention, access to play brings happiness to children!



Mama Ngina children's home - Kisumu

Formerly known as The Oak Hostel for Vulnerable Children', Mama Ngina children's home was founded in 1965 and currently a home to over 40 children.The home is run by the City Department of Social Program and is supported by the county government and well wishers.

Because of the broken down play equipment, the children usually play with makeshift footballs (made with plastic bags and ropes) or run around the field.



Victory Children's Home

Victory Children's Home houses and educates about 400 children, ranging from 5 years to over 18 years of age that are either orphaned or from very poor families. All of the children attend the nursery school, primary school and high school located within the Victory Children's Home complex. Victory children's home has a nice garden for the children to play in, but lacked good outdoor equipment.



We would like to thank AutoXpress for partnering with us once again to put play equipment at Victory children's home. Through this partnership, NECF has managed to improve the lives of more children. We look forward to collaborating on more projects and as we say, 'bring happiness to children'.

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