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The NECF Lights for Learning Online Fundraiser

The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation

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The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation, in partnership with South Sudanese Friends International, Launches a Solar Lights Campaign to Help Children Living Without Electricity Study at Night

[Nairobi, November 18] The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation (NECF) and South Sudanese Friends International (SSFI), on November 20th (International Day of the Child), will launch an online fundraising campaign to provide solar lights to 300 students living in regions throughout Kenya, with no electricity. Children will return to school in January 2021, and after 10 months of school closures, those living without electricity will continue to face the challenge of being unable to study during evening hours. Having access to a solar light will remove this barrier to academic success. The fundraiser has an objective of raising $3000 and will be held on the crowdfunding site CauseVox . We will also accept donations via MPESA PayBill: Business Number is 329329 Account Number 0102851588100

Nearly 17 million students have been kept away from the classroom due to Covid-19 prevention measures implemented in March. With the loss of an entire school year, getting back on track and succeeding academically in the upcoming year will be vital for every student. Children studying without adequate lighting will have difficulty in reading clearly and their ability to spend extra time on topics that need focus will be impossible, undermining their ability to do well in school.

“Kenyan children have lost so much time on education this year and we want to ensure students living without electricity have the means to succeed,” says Sienna Dutkowski, Chairwoman of the NECF. A donation of only $10 (1000ksh) can help a child study effectively and safely, night after night with no additional costs to be incurred by their family.

40% of the country currently relies on kerosene as their primary source for lighting, this is neither a safe nor effective light source for children to study with. The NECF has provided more than 7500 solar lights since its inception 10 years ago, helping children and communities in need. The lights have shown to increase the students’ grades, confidence and have provided the added benefit of safety for their families.

This year, the efforts by the NECF to raise funds for the ‘Light for Learning’ program is more important than ever. The success of the country’s students is a huge factor in the health and prosperity of communities and the future.

About: The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation is a registered charitable community organization that strives to bring happiness to children and marginalized communities across Kenya. The foundation was established in 2010 and has since implemented three programs ‘Lights for Learning’, ‘Nancy’s Playgrounds’, and ‘Nancy’s Gardens’ that have impacted the lives of thousands of children nationwide.

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