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NECF x Operation Play Launch 2021's first playground in Nairobi

2021 has started off well for The NECF!

We are proud to announce that our first Nancy's Playgrounds project of 2021 was launched on the 20th of February 2021! This was made possible by our partnership with AutoXpress Limited and Operation Play. AutoXpress is the market leader in the auto parts and accessories business in East Africa with the largest chain of auto parts sales and fitment centers in the African continent. Operation Play is a Kenya charity whose mission is to bring laughter to kids through play.

We had an opportunity to interview Mr. Rehman Lakha, the Founder of Operation Play and the Operations Manager at AutoXpress Limited, to give our readers an insight into our partnership.

Scroll down to read the informative interview.

How did you get involved with NECF?

AutoXpress, as an industry leader, is committed to the reduction of environmental pollution and waste.

It is with the above in mind that we initiated a responsible disposal program where we are committing ourselves to the disposal of used tyres, oil, used batteries and used parts in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Therefore, when NECF approached us, AutoXpress and Operation Play were motivated to support the request for donating used tyres and fundraising for the Flomina Children's Home playground.

What made you want to sponsor the playground project?

This is a wonderful initiative, who would not want to do something great for kids. When you look at it, we are simply giving back and in the process, bringing smiles to those we are in contact with. We also realize that playgrounds build a lot of great skills for children and in this way we ensure that the used tyres are discarded in an environmentally responsible manner.

What are your hopes for this project?

Our biggest satisfaction is to see the laughter and happiness on the children’s faces as they play in these playgrounds, supporting the development of their physical and emotional health. We believe that such support creates opportunity for our youth to be strong, physically and emotionally, and therefore, in future grow into responsible citizens within our community.

What do you wish others knew about this cause?

For this cause or any other, Small actions + Lots of people = Big Change

Whatever your capacity is to help these children, do not be afraid to chip in.

In years to come you will be surprised to see the impact that these changes can bring, after all, history is written by actions, pens come much later. Therefore, our hope remains that by our small contribution as responsible corporate citizens that the recipients develop well so they stand firmly on their own feet in future and quite possibly, help others.

Through this partnership, NECF has managed to improve the lives of more children and we thank Operation Play and AutoXpress for their continued support. We look forward to collaborating on more projects and as we say, 'bring happiness to children'.

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