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NECF Intern Biographies

Meet our virtual intern team! With a diverse range of talent and a shared passion for making the world a better place, we are thrilled to have them on board with the NECF. Read their profiles below!

Amisha Wadhwa

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Amisha is a student at the University of California, Berkeley studying Political Science and Business Administration. Passionate about service and advocacy, she is excited to explore the intersection between global affairs, human rights, and social entrepreneurship in her future. In her free time, she can be found exploring eateries in the Bay Area, adding to her candle collection, and planning her next adventure. The Internship Program is the brainchild of Amisha and the NECF Board, and she is thrilled to see it take off!

Amulya Chirumamilla

Nancy’s Playgrounds Research Intern

Amulya is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School, interested in becoming a psychiatrist. She joined NECF because of its mission and sense of community. Due to her passion for psychological science, she is researching mental health for the Playgrounds project. Her hobbies include fashion, reading, and traveling.

Divyabharathi Senthilarumugam

Nancy’s Playgrounds Research Intern

Divya enjoys making DIYS, listening to music, and spending time with her loved ones. She is interested in the sciences and understanding the body. She joined NECF because she wanted to help people who deserve more and believes strongly in their cause

Fatimah Hussain

Nancy’s Playgrounds Research Intern

Fatimah Hussain is in 9th grade, aspiring to be an AI+ML+CAD Enthusiast. She loves writing whenever she can about a variety of topics that fascinate her. Fatimah joined NECF to create an uplifting future for children in Kenya. She is also a philanthropist and works with organizations to intensify positivity throughout.

Jaanavi Thanamala

Nancy’s Playgrounds Research Intern

Jaanavi Thanamala is a Junior at Dougherty Valley High School. She enjoys implementing community initiatives and hopes to works in the interdisciplinary computer science and business field in the future. In her free time, Jaanavi serves on her city’s teen council, participates in speech and debate, and spends time with her friends! Jaanavi joined NECF because she is passionate about giving back especially to children, research, and development! She is excited to do her part in the Nancy’s Playgrounds Project.

Mohit Kosuru

Nancy’s Playgrounds Research Intern

Mohit Kosuru is a prospective medical student who dreams to tend the needs of ill children through the profession of a pediatrician. By becoming a pediatrician, he will be able to positively influence the youth by fostering their healthy habits. Mohit joined NECF because he is deeply invested in the mission of bringing happiness to children and families and in a way it helps him prepare for his future occupation. Some of his hobbies and interests include basketball, cross country, fashion, and cars.

Anupriya Islam

Nancy’s Playgrounds Design Intern

Anupriya loves to cook, draw, and travel. During her free time, she listens to music and reads. She aspires to study computer science and business. Anupriya joined NECF to be able to make a positive difference and to fulfill NECF's mission of bringing children happiness.

Katie Williams

Nancy’s Playgrounds Design Intern

Katie Williams is a senior at University High School in Orange County, California. Following graduation, she hopes to study journalism, political science, and law as an international student in London. As someone who volunteers at her local church and within her community, Katie hopes to help create community for others through her work with the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation as a design intern. In her free time, Katie is an avid reader and writer, and loves visiting art museums, going on road trips, and knitting with her grandmother.

Keying Guo

Nancy’s Playgrounds Design Intern

Keying Guo is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. In college, she would like to study something that is related to design. She wants to join NECF because she wants to help the children in Kenya and let them have a happy childhood. Some of her hobbies include art, music, designing, and traveling.

Kristine Gonzales

Nancy’s Playgrounds Design Intern

Kristine Gonzales has always felt a strong connection with children and wants to be a pediatric nurse when she grows up. Every time she sees their smile it brightens her day, so she wants to keep all children healthy and safe. Kristine wanted to join NECF on the Playgrounds project because she believes that playing is the highest form of children’s happiness. She sees the potential of NECF giving children the happiness that they need.

Rishika Vinnakota

Nancy’s Playgrounds Design Intern

Rishika Vinnakota is a high school senior from the Bay Area, CA. She's passionate about social entrepreneurship, the environment, and writing! As a teen entrepreneur and volunteer, she hopes to pursue a career in Business and Marketing and continue to give back to her community. She's currently the CEO of her student company, Head of Communications at She Helps Her, and founder of My SplitScreens (a blog where she shares her experiences)!

Annesha Dey

Nancy’s Gardens Research Intern

Annesha is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School, currently working as a Research intern on the Gardens project. She aspires to pursue medicine in her future, and enjoys spending her time indulging herself in medical activities like volunteering with the Red Cross and running medical workshops for younger children. In her free time she also enjoys running her non-profit organization through which she tutors underprivileged children around the world in countries like India and France. She loves working with children and using her talents to educate others. Annesha is passionate about solving global challenges and creating change, and is super excited to impact several new communities and people this year with NECF!

Chassidy J Allen

Nancy’s Gardens Research Intern

Chassidy Allen hopes to study in the medical field, in hopes of becoming a midwife. Being a part of such a lovely process in the birth of a baby would be a beautiful experience for her and new mothers. Chassidy enjoys dancing around, simply being bubble, and making others laugh. NECF adds the cherry on top of her personality, as it allows for her to grow in humility, grow in her relationship with God, and overall bear the burdens of those in need.

Arya Srivastava

Nancy’s Gardens Design Intern

Arya Srivastava is currently in her junior year of high-school. She wants to study cybersecurity and software engineering in the future, and her hobbies include playing the guitar and spending time with her dog. She wanted to join NECF and work on their Gardening design project because she wants to help spread information about the usefulness and benefits of gardening in an exciting and engaging way that is easy for everyone to understand.

Meghna Pamula

Nancy’s Gardens Design Intern

Meghna is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. In the future, she hopes to study International Relations. She is very passionate about visual arts and enjoys writing. She joined NECF as a design intern in order to combine her love of art with service work!

Virajitha Prakhya

Nancy’s Gardens Design Intern

Virajitha Prakhya is a high school junior who would like to study bioengineering in the future. Virajitha hopes to expand her reach in terms of volunteer work by working with NECF. Her hobbies include digital art, dance, cooking, and playing the violin.

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