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NECF has been up-to a lot this February

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Our year is off to a great start thanks to your support. Here are the updates on what we’ve been up to at NECF this February.

1: Preparing for distribution to five schools!

NECF is preparing for the distribution of 400 lights to 5 schools across Kenya in the next month. Schools we have planned to distribute lights to are:

1. Kamlolo primary school, Kendu Bay

2. Alego primary school, Kendu Bay

3. Liganwa Primary school, Siaya

4. Oseno primary school, Siaya

5. Ipembe primary school, Bomet

Access to these lights will allow the school going children to be well prepared in order to achieve success. With your contributions we have been able to distribute lights to thousands of children across Kenya over the last ten years and continue to touch even more lives.

Your commitment in supporting school going children in rural Kenya is heartwarming. Because of your continued support, there are children whose life’s destiny will take a drastic change for the best.

2: We’ve broken ground at Machakos Women’s Prison!

After a successful ‘Playground in Prisons’ crowdfunding campaign in December 2019, and after doing a thorough site visit, needs assessment and logistical planning, we have broken ground in Machakos women’s prison. A playground is currently being installed at the institutions for the children below 5 in the prison to enjoy.

Thanks to you, the children currently residing at Machakos women’s prison, will have a creative, safe and beautiful space to play and learn.

With your help, NECF will achieve our vision to install a playground in all women’s prisons in Kenya.

3: Nancy’s Gardens at Farasi Lane has launched!

The partnership between Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation and ISK Agriculture students kicked off on January 29th 2020. The program has been crafted to give an opportunity for high school students from ISK to teach and mentor pupils at Farasi lane every week in a student teaching student program.

To date a nursery has been put up and ten seed beds constructed awaiting transplanting in the coming month of March. Plants currently in the nursery include cucumbers, papaya, pumpkin, beetroot and sukuma wiki.

Through your suggestions and comments, NECF has been able to craft a suitable program for Nancy’s gardens that involves environmental and agricultural clubs to dispense knowledge to children.

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