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NECF Distributes 125 Lights in Machakos County

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

On August 20th 2021, we distributed 125 lights to Ndovoini and Green Hill primary schools located in Machakos. We were happy and fulfilled seeing how excited the students were to receive the lights. The schools are located in an area that has little to no electricity connections in the homes, businesses and along the road.

Green Hill Primary School

Ndovoini Primary School

We caught up with Mr. Nganga, the Head Teacher of Green Hill primary school who expressed the importance of the solar lamps to the students. He further explained that most of his students have a difficult time studying at home after dark either because the kerosene lamp is too dim or the members of the family need the lamp for other uses; e.g cooking, using the toilet.

Like many schools in rural Kenya, the classrooms and administration offices don't have electricity and at Ndovoini, most classrooms get dark by midday onwards which affects the mood and concentration of the students.

Ndovoini primary school, which is located 2.2km away from Green Hill primary, also educates and houses children with special needs.

The Head Teacher of Ndovoini, Mr. Mutava mentioned that the home doesn't have electricity and they resort to the use of kerosene lamps which is unhealthy and expensive.

We donated 3 extra lights to the home to ease movement and activities after dark for the children with special needs.

Coloring Books & Pencils Donated by Reaching Hearts Through Art

Special thanks to Reaching Hearts Through Art for donating coloring books and color pencils that we distributed to children in Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes and 1st grade of Green Hill and Ndovoini Primary Schools.

On behalf of Green Hill and Ndovoini students, we would like to thank you all for your support in bringing happiness to children and giving them hope for a brighter future.

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