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Heartwarming Stories From The ‘Lights For Learning’ Beneficiaries that Will Inspire You

With your support over the last 10 years, our Lights for Learning Program has provided affordable solar-powered lanterns to over 5000 students whose academic performance was affected by the lack of adequate lighting in Kenya's rural regions. The solar lights enabled students to focus on their studies and achieve high academic performance.

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Unfortunately, for many children in rural areas learning stops as soon as the sunsets. With the lack of electricity, some students rely on kerosene lanterns at night to study, while others aren’t able to study at all, negatively affecting their academic performance.

With the continued support of our donors, NECF’s mission of “Bringing Happiness to Children” was achieved when we received these heart-warming thank you letters from some students of Kamolo Primary School, who are beneficiaries of the Lights for Learning Program.

Below are excerpts from the letters.

“I’m very happy with the solar light you gave me. It has helped me read comfortably and now my academic performance has improved. I pray that you come back with more lights for all pupils.” - Moses Ooko Ooko

“I’m a class 8 candidate and the solar lamp helped me a lot. The solar lamp is durable, lasts longer and is brighter, enabling me to read clearly. I have improved in my studies and moved from last position in my class to fourth position.” - Felix Otieno

“I’m a class 8 candidate and the solar lamp has been helpful to me and my family. It provides enough light for me to study and also acts as security at night.” - Andrew Ochieng

“The solar lamp is easy to manage, affordable, and durable enabling me to read more comfortably. I was getting low marks before I got the solar lamp, but now I’m getting 300 marks. I thank you for enabling students to achieve their goals.” - Jackeline Apiyo

“I’m a class 5 student and I’m happy with the lamp you gave me. The lamp enables me to study longer and I’ve seen an improvement in my academic performance. May you continue helping as many people as possible.” - Susan Atieno

“The solar lamp has been beneficial for me and my family. I’m able to study more and it helps light the house at night. The lamp has increased my morale to work harder and I know I will perform well in my exams.” -Josiah Odongo

“Because of the affordability of the solar lamp, my parents were able to purchase it for me and now I’m studying more and I hope I will pass my class 8 final exams.” - John Okelo

“The solar lamp has many advantages; It’s affordable, bright enough to cover a wide range, long-lasting, and waterproof. I’m now able to study more at night which has improved my academic performance. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals.” - Rowlings Otieno

Programs like ‘Lights for Learning’ are especially important during these difficult times. With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, government priorities have changed to focus on the health crisis, slowing down the progress made in electricity connections.

It is evident that the solar lights have brought happiness to the students as they have seen an improvement in their studies. With your support, we will continue our mission of bringing happiness to children.

The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation is a registered charitable community organization that strives to bring happiness and opportunities to marginalized communities and children across Kenya. Visit us at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our projects and how you can get involved.

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