Nancy's Gardens

Nancy's Gardens

Through Nancy’s Gardens, NECF will establish small farms that will enable school and orphanage communities to have access to nutritious food. This will be accomplished through the development of kitchen gardens, chicken farms and or raising dairy cows to generate funds for food. Our aim is to educate children on how to grow their own food organically, and feed themselves, fellow pupils and the school community.

One June 5th, NECF planted our first garden at Village to Global school in Vihiga County. Village to Global is a community based school that serves seven villages within Bunyore West ward. Aside from school feeding activities, the goal of Village to Global school includes community food security initiatives and environmental conservation efforts. Together, we planted 50 Paw Paw (Papaya) trees in order to provide students and the school community with fruit, which is currently rarely available to the community.


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One thing is for sure, Nancy loved Kenya. In 1986, Nancy Ellen co-authored a booklet, entitled ‘Kenya Trivia’, about Kenya’s ecology, geography and culture. Forty-two thousand copies were published and sold. This publication was a key text used by individuals training to be guides in the national museum, as well as safari guides.

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